Total Records Found : 3
S.noApplicationNoNameService NameAddressStatusReg. DateNo Of Days
1 2015-ENG-0094 Kokkilagadda SubbuluNew Tap Application -  BPL1-1351<div style="display:none, Bhagatsingh Colony, OngoleRejected09 Jun 2015-742
2 2015-ENG-0236 S.RAMANARAONew Tap Application -  BPL<div style="display:none">cial, KAMMAPALEM, ONGOLE.Rejected12 Aug 2015-675
3 2015-ENG-0413 Testing PurposeNew Tap Application -  BPL123<div style="display:none">c, OngoleRejected07 Oct 2015-617

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