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S.noApplicationNoNameService NameAddressStatusReg. DateNo Of Days
1 2015-ENG-0081 Pemula kavitha DeviNew Tap Application -  BPL542<div style="display:none">n, Rajeev Gruha kalpa, K.P Road, Closed30 May 2015-752
2 2015-ENG-0083 M. SatyavathiNew Tap Application -  BPLplot no. 216<div style="displa, Rajeev Gruha kalpa, K.P.Road, Closed01 Jun 2015-751
3 2015-ENG-0086 Kunchala SankarNew Tap Application -  BPL784<div style="display:none">d, Indira colony,Ongole.Closed02 Jun 2015-750
4 2015-ENG-0098 Kanna Pothu RajuNew Tap Application -  BPL<div style="display:none">gaba, Ponugupati Colony, Near BalaraClosed10 Jun 2015-741
5 2015-ENG-0100 Kunduru MalakondammaNew Tap Application -  BPL<div style="display:none">ende, Nehrunagar, Near Ramalayam, GuClosed11 Jun 2015-738
6 2015-ENG-0101 Ette KanthammaNew Tap Application -  BPL<div style="display:none">sild, Nehru Nagar, Guntur Road, OngoClosed15 Jun 2015-736
7 2015-ENG-0110 Pedasingu Srinivasa RaoNew Tap Application -  BPL131<div style="display:none">n, New Indiramma Colony, KP Road,Closed16 Jun 2015-735
8 2015-ENG-0111 Katta DurgaNew Tap Application -  BPL<div style="display:none">volt, Kesavarajukunta,2nd line,OngolClosed16 Jun 2015-735
9 2015-ENG-0120 Pullagujju Venu MadhavNew Tap Application -  BPL6-10 <div style="display:none", Nagendra nagar, Kurnool Road, Closed20 Jun 2015-730
10 2015-ENG-0127 Thirumalapuram RamanammaNew Tap Application -  BPL<div style="display:none">nexi, Pulivenkatareddy colony, KP RoClosed23 Jun 2015-728
11 2015-ENG-0128 Thumati AnuradhaNew Tap Application -  BPL<div style="display:none">diff, Kesavarajukunta, Ongole.Closed23 Jun 2015-728
12 2015-ENG-0129 Kunchala KoteswariNew Tap Application -  BPL<div style="display:none">diff, Kesavaraju kunta, Ongole.Closed23 Jun 2015-728
13 2015-ENG-0130 Ramineni ChandrammaNew Tap Application -  BPL<div style="display:none">arco, Kranthinagar, MukthinuthalapadClosed23 Jun 2015-728
14 2015-ENG-0131 Challa Srinivasa RaoNew Tap Application -  BPL<div style="display:none">nexi, Ankamma Palem, Ongole.Closed24 Jun 2015-727
15 2015-ENG-0133 Thalluri SomaiahNew Tap Application -  BPL, Pernamitta, Ongole.Closed25 Jun 2015-726
16 2015-ENG-0138 Bola RamanammaNew Tap Application -  BPL<div style="display:none">sild, Indiramma Colony, KP Road, OngClosed26 Jun 2015-724
17 2015-ENG-0139 Dasari AnasuyammaNew Tap Application -  BPL<div style="display:none">nexi, Kabadipalem, Community beside,Closed26 Jun 2015-724
18 2015-ENG-0142 Miriyala Lakshmi NarasaiahNew Tap Application -  BPL12-303-1<div style="display:no, Samatha Nagar, Pernnamitta, OnClosed27 Jun 2015-723
19 2015-ENG-0143 Kakumanu SomaiahNew Tap Application -  BPL35-3-69/117<div style="display, Vijayanagar Colony, Ongole.Closed29 Jun 2015-722
20 2015-ENG-0148 Thippagudise MariyammaNew Tap Application -  BPL<div style="display:none">diff, Gaddalagunta, Ongole.Closed01 Jul 2015-720
21 2015-ENG-0150 ABBURI SRIDEVINew Tap Application -  BPL535<div style="display:none">v, RAJEEV GRUHAKALAPA,KOTHAPATNAMClosed02 Jul 2015-717
22 2015-ENG-0151 CHEMAKURTHY SRINIVASA RAONew Tap Application -  BPL<div style="display:none">suma, ISLAM PET, ONGOLE.Closed02 Jul 2015-717
23 2015-ENG-0152 Dumpa AdilakshmiNew Tap Application -  BPL49, Pulivenkatareddy colony, K.P RClosed03 Jul 2015-716
24 2015-ENG-0154 Koppolu Setha LakshmiNew Tap Application -  BPL115<div style="display:none">m, Balaram Colony, Ongole.Closed06 Jul 2015-714
25 2015-ENG-0155 Potluri SuseelaNew Tap Application -  BPL<div style="display:none">difl, Balaji nagar, Agraharamgate, OClosed06 Jul 2015-714

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