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S.noApplicationNoNameService NameAddressStatusReg. DateProposed Closing DateNo Of Days
1 2016-REV-0070 Boppuri Koteswara RaoTitle Transfer for Property Tax<div style="display:none">clar, Cheruvukommupalem, Ongole.Pending22 Jan 201629 Feb 2016-508
2 2016-REV-0250 Vadlamudi Venkata RaoTitle Transfer for Property Tax<div style="display:none">nexi, Gopalanagaram Ext. , Ongole.Pending06 Feb 201616 Mar 2016-492
3 2016-REV-0575 Narapareddy Brahma Chaitanya ReddyTitle Transfer for Property Tax58-6-1<div style="display:none, Santha Peta, Ongole.Pending11 Apr 201619 May 2016-428
4 2016-REV-0633 Rachamallu Dhana LakshmiTitle Transfer for Property Tax58-9-9<div style="display:none, Santhapeta, Kamasathri Road, OPending21 Apr 201627 May 2016-420
5 2016-REV-0635 Kothuri Venkata SureshTitle Transfer for Property Tax25-36-432<div style="display:n, Chaitanya Plaza, Chunduri VariPending22 Apr 201628 May 2016-419
6 2016-REV-0843 Kalluri EdukondaluTitle Transfer for Property Tax<div style="display:none">clar, Kammapalem 3rd line, Ongole.Pending31 May 201607 Jul 2016-379
7 2016-REV-0876 Edara Laxmi PrabhakarTitle Transfer for Property Tax<div style="display:none">sild, Koppolu, Ongole.Pending08 Jun 201616 Jul 2016-370
8 2016-REV-0917 Alapati AnushaTitle Transfer for Property Tax, VR Residency, HB Colony, OngolPending25 Jun 201602 Aug 2016-353
9 2016-REV-1103 Purimitla KrishnamurthiTitle Transfer for Property Tax, Rajapangal Road, Ongole.Pending06 Aug 201617 Sep 2016-307
10 2016-REV-1105 Sudanagunta ThirupathiswamyTitle Transfer for Property Tax<div style="display:none">nexi, Kammapalem, Pernamitta, OngolePending06 Aug 201617 Sep 2016-307
11 2016-REV-1114 Kopparapu ManikantaTitle Transfer for Property Tax<div style="display:none">difl, MM Road 9th line, Ongole.Pending09 Aug 201620 Sep 2016-304
12 2016-REV-1130 Karedla RaviTitle Transfer for Property Tax<div style="display:none">difl, Rajapangal Road, Ongole.Pending12 Aug 201623 Sep 2016-301
13 2016-REV-1131 Kanday LavanyaTitle Transfer for Property Tax1-172/2<div style="display:non, Gopal Nagar 2nd line, Ongole.Pending12 Aug 201623 Sep 2016-301
14 2016-REV-1132 Kanday Venkateswarlu and LavanyaTitle Transfer for Property Tax1-193(4/2)<div style="display:, Gopal Nagar 1st line, Ongole.Pending12 Aug 201623 Sep 2016-301
15 2016-REV-1136 Nalamothu Anitha KumariTitle Transfer for Property Tax1-109<div style="display:none", Gopala Nagaram 4th line, OngolPending12 Aug 201623 Sep 2016-301
16 2016-REV-1177 Thella Kusuma KumariTitle Transfer for Property Tax<div style="display:none">new , Gopala Nagaram 4th line, OngolPending01 Sep 201613 Oct 2016-281
17 2016-REV-1201 Ravi Ranga ReddyTitle Transfer for Property Tax<div style="display:none">ende, Balaji Nagar, Agraharam Road, Pending09 Sep 201620 Oct 2016-274
18 2016-REV-1230 Ganipineni PadmavathiTitle Transfer for Property Tax, Kothamamidipalem, Ongole.Pending19 Sep 201627 Oct 2016-267
19 2016-REV-1280 Chundi Sanjeeva RaoTitle Transfer for Property Tax37-1-424<div style="display:no, Ram Nagar 2nd line, Ongole.Pending24 Sep 201602 Nov 2016-261
20 2016-REV-1389 Vardhineni LakshmaiahTitle Transfer for Property Tax, Akshara Apartment, MM Road, OnPending17 Oct 201622 Nov 2016-241
21 2016-REV-1507 Nookathoti LakshmiTitle Transfer for Property Tax5-375, Opp power office,kurnool road,Pending08 Nov 201616 Dec 2016-217
22 2016-REV-1529 Pulipati NagamaniTitle Transfer for Property Tax, Srinagar colony,Kurnool road,oPending11 Nov 201620 Dec 2016-213
23 2016-REV-1621 Avula Srinivasa raoTitle Transfer for Property TaxFlat no G-4,, sriram appatments,M.M. road,onPending30 Nov 201606 Jan 2017-196
24 2016-REV-1682 Patibandla Sarala kumariTitle Transfer for Property Tax, Ram nagar,Ambedkar colony,ongoPending16 Dec 201621 Jan 2017-181
25 2016-REV-1697 GANTA PADMAVATHITitle Transfer for Property Tax, GANTAPALEM,ONGOLEPending21 Dec 201626 Jan 2017-176

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