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S.noApplicationNoNameService NameAddressStatusReg. DateNo Of Days
1 2015-PH-0014 Katari AnjammaDeath Certificate Application8243, Anadarao Road, Ongole.Closed11 Dec 2015-581
2 2015-PH-0015 Kuncha RamanammaDeath Certificate Application8244<div style="display:none">, Throvagunta, Ongole.Closed11 Dec 2015-581
3 2015-PH-0016 Vadlamudi Lakshmi NarayanaDeath Certificate Application8245<div style="display:none">, Throvagunta, Ongole.Closed11 Dec 2015-581
4 2015-PH-0017 Korukonda SrinivasuluDeath Certificate Application8246<div style="display:none">, Chejarlalakshmanachari Street Closed11 Dec 2015-581
5 2015-PH-0018 Erugu NagammaDeath Certificate Application8247<div style="display:none">, ThrovaguntaClosed11 Dec 2015-581
6 2015-PH-0019 Garnepudi Ramachandra RaoDeath Certificate Application8248<div style="display:none">, Ranguthota, Ongole.Closed11 Dec 2015-581
7 2015-PH-0091 Peddikuppa Jala RamaiahDeath Certificate Application8334<div style="display:none">, 13-1-17-c, Dovalapalem Street,Closed15 Dec 2015-578
8 2015-PH-0092 Darnani AnjanayuluDeath Certificate Application8335<div style="display:none">, Mother Therissa Colony.Closed15 Dec 2015-578
9 2015-PH-0093 Kotapuri SunithammaDeath Certificate Application8336<div style="display:none">, Gudi milla padu. Ongole MandalClosed15 Dec 2015-578
10 2015-PH-0094 Mulluri RamaiahDeath Certificate Application8337<div style="display:none">, 42-1-191 E, Thurpu Kammapalem,Closed15 Dec 2015-578
11 2015-PH-0095 Midasala NarayanammaDeath Certificate Application8338<div style="display:none">, Anish Kidni CenterClosed15 Dec 2015-578
12 2015-PH-0096 Patakamuri SuryanarayanaDeath Certificate Application8339<div style="display:none">, Nalluri Narsing HomeClosed15 Dec 2015-578
13 2015-PH-0097 Telagathoti AnjammaDeath Certificate Application8340<div style="display:none">, Nalluri Narsing HomeClosed15 Dec 2015-578
14 2015-PH-0098 Aynadi ParadesiDeath Certificate Application8341<div style="display:none">, Kulmori Palem,PernamittaClosed15 Dec 2015-578
15 2015-PH-0099 Indhurthi RamaiahDeath Certificate Application8342<div style="display:none">, PernamittaClosed15 Dec 2015-578
16 2015-PH-0100 Yarrampalli RajammaDeath Certificate Application8343<div style="display:none">, Raviteja Chest Hospital, SundaClosed15 Dec 2015-578
17 2015-PH-0101 Buduri KrupaDeath Certificate Application8334 (16)<div style="display:n, Rims General HospitalClosed15 Dec 2015-578
18 2015-PH-0108 Sutharam Yogeswara raoDeath Certificate Application8368<div style="display:none">, Rajiv Colony, KoppoluClosed15 Dec 2015-578
19 2015-PH-0109 Gaddam AnnapurnaDeath Certificate Application8369<div style="display:none">, Bollinenivaripalem 2nd line, OClosed15 Dec 2015-578
20 2015-PH-0110 Korukonda SrinivasuluDeath Certificate Application8370<div style="display:none">, Pappu Bazar, OngoleClosed15 Dec 2015-578
21 2015-PH-0111 Venna Poosa KondammaDeath Certificate Application8371<div style="display:none">, Venkata ramana Nursing home, OClosed15 Dec 2015-578
22 2015-PH-0112 Anam Subba ReddyDeath Certificate Application8373<div style="display:none">, Arunodaya Nagar, PernamittaClosed15 Dec 2015-578
23 2015-PH-0113 Anam Subba ReddyDeath Certificate Application8372<div style="display:none">, Ramnagar 2nd lineClosed15 Dec 2015-578
24 2015-PH-0116 Budampati NarasimhamurthyDeath Certificate Application8376, Gadiyaram Street, P.V.R.Girls Closed15 Dec 2015-578
25 2015-PH-0165 Upputuri RathammaDeath Certificate Application8389<div style="display:none">, Koppolu Closed15 Dec 2015-578

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